Welcome to Amanda Daily, a blog focused on rediscovering the joy in life. My name is Amanda and I’m a twenty-something living in the scenic California desert. I strive to live a life of purpose, strength, and grace while savoring the beauty in each day.

In my past life, I worked as an interior designer who thrived in the professional grind of a busy city, while simultaneously struggling with burnout. After a cross-country move, I’m working on slowing down and centering, rediscovering my passions, and being open to new experiences. My intent for this blog is to share my personal journey as I work on getting outside my comfort zone.

There are an abundance of lifestyle blogs and inspirational content out there, so I am honored that you’re here checking out my point-of-view!

My goal is to be authentically me without second-guessing myself. I hope my transparency and honesty encourages and resonates with you!

Life can be hard, but I’ve found that focusing on the present moment, designing my environment to reflect my soul, and genuinely connecting with others has the power to make life feel much sweeter.