Welcome to Amanda Daily, a blog focused on the intersection of confidence, style, and healthy living. My name is Amanda and I’m a twenty-something living in the scenic California desert. I help women embrace and accentuate their innate strength and beauty.

In my past life, I worked as an interior designer who thrived in the professional grind of a busy city, while simultaneously struggling with burnout and chronic pain. After a cross-country move, I’m working on slowing down and centering, continuing my health journey, reconnecting with my authentic self, and sharing my talents with others.

The way I see it, styling – whether it’s your look, your environment, or your life – is all about enhancing confidence. I want to empower you to create a beautiful atmosphere for yourself as an act of self-love and appreciation.

I want you to leave this space feeling great about yourself. No matter where you are in your journey, you are beautiful, worthy of love, and a force to be reckoned with. I want you to feel confident in all aspects of your life!

I style the heck out of my life to set myself up for success and I want to share that unique perspective with you.