Welcome to Amanda Daily, a blog focused on finding the beauty in each day. My name is Amanda and I’m a young professional living in Houston, Texas. I strive to live a life of purpose, strength, and grace while enjoying life’s little magic moments.

I founded this blog to share my personal journey as I work on developing my own self-love, health, and happiness. 

A few quick facts about me: 

  1. I’m a proud dog mom to a sweet, zany border collie mix named Moose. You’ll see his sweet face around!
  2. I’m a multi-passionate creative person. This means I often have more ideas and interests than I have time to pursue them fully.
  3. I’m a recovering perfectionist. The struggle is real! 

There are an abundance of lifestyle blogs and inspirational content out there. I am so very honored that you’re here!

My personal mission is to share my story in a way that resonates with, challenges, and encourages your personal journey. Life is hard, but it’s beautiful. Let’s celebrate it!

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